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Osteopathic treatment is aimed at helping the body to heal itself. If all the joints and organs are functioning normally then health follows. In our practice we use all modes of techniques as appropriate depending on a patient's problem, their age, their medical history and their preferences. This ranges from joint manipulation to gentle craniosacral and functional work.

At Albury House our osteopathic appointments are 30 minutes long. The first visit takes the form of a full consultation; a detailed case history will be taken and from this, and a thorough and careful musculoskeletal examination, we can decide if Osteopathy is the right treatment for you. If so, we will discuss a plan and start treatment. If not, we will write, with your consent, a letter of referral to your GP or Specialist outlining our findings. We can arrange private X-rays or scans if necessary.

Depending on our osteopathic diagnosis you may need a series of treatments; other times advice and exercises alone will help. People often ask how many treatments they will need. This is impossible to say without having attended for a consultation and diagnosis, after which we can give a much clearer idea. You are then able to decide if you wish to book further treatments or not. If there are several factors contributing to your problem it may take longer, spread over a greater time span, to return to full health. We regularly reassess your treatment plan/progress with you. We're always happy to chat on the phone before you book.

We try to be as inclusive as possible and to be available to as many patients as we can. There are no further charges once you are a patient of ours - we don't charge for letters to your GP, specialist, insurance company; referrals for further scan or X-rays; to your workplace or school or for sick notes.

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